Sunday, February 8, 2009

I heart Mail

I heart mail, and I'm not referring to email. I am talking about good old fashion snail mail. Ok, I don't love ALL mail, I can do without the bills, junkmail, flyers etc. But I LOVE receiving birthday cards, invitations, Christmas cards, change of address cards.. you name it! Oh, don't get me started on packages....I love getting packages in the mail. I don't shop online too often (the shipping rates to Canada are outrageous!) but when I do, I happily skip to the mail box everyday, hoping that my package has arrived (brown paper packages tied up with string.. these are a few of my favorite things!!) Sound of Music!! duh!

I know that there is a trend towards electronic wedding invitations lately. With everyone going ''green", saving paper is a no-brainer. So, a lot of brides and grooms have opted to sending out paperless invitations. I think that this is a great idea... but there is nothing like going to your mail box and receiving a wedding invitation. It is the guest's first glimpse into the couple's big day. Every detail on the invite has been personally chosen by the couple. Whether it's a modern, traditional, simple or extravagant invitation, that little piece of paper sets the tone for the whole wedding.

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