Monday, March 9, 2009

beauty=me beauty=you

Dove sponsored a "design your own pyjama's contest" for blossoming designers between the ages of 7-10 years old. And a 10 year old little girl named Riley Matwick won.

The pj's are blue with yellow stars, multi-coloured rainbows and white and pink flowers. The stars, say Riley reflect her feeling that everyone is a shining star, the multi-coloured rainbows points to the beautiful, colourful nature of each individual and the flowers are a symbol of the unique qualities everyone possesses.

She came up with the pant design which was completed with the saying: beauty=me, beauty=you.

The contest challenged young girls to come up with a pyjama design that expressed their vision of "beauty".

"My wish is that everybody notices that they are unique and beautiful just the way they are." said Riley on her pyjama design.

How refreshing is it to hear a young girl say that beauty is about uniqeness and being an individual? This article just lifted a little bit of weight off my shoulders when I think about what kind of society I have to raise my 2 little girls in.

Thank you Riley!

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